Hacienda La Esperanza

Bed & Breakfast

Paramedics For

Children International

Hacienda L a Esperanza and Honduras travel a winning combination.

Simple Reservations and Pricing

We have three different fixed prices and four rooms.  All of the rooms are the same size and all have great views into the courtyard. 

Our prices are $75 for a single, $85 for a double and $95 for a triple plus taxes.

Children under the age of 11 years old are free and we allow two children per room. All the prices are subject to a 19% Honduras VAT tax. No other fees or expenses are charged. 

Booking your room is as simple as clicking here and you will be taken to our reservation center. In just a few clicks you will have reserved your room and we will contact you with a confirmation.

If you have any questions then just  email us at this link 

Hacienda La Esperanza is managed and run by Paramedics For Children a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation located in Charlotte North Carolina in the United States Of America with 100% of all rentals and other related income going to Paramedics For Children to fund programs for the poor in Honduras and other Central American countries.